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MARA Institute Of Technology 1967 - 1999

MARA College was officially renamed Institut Teknologi MARA on 14 October 1967. Its establishment came as a response to a crucial need in the country for trained manpower at professional and semi-professional levels, especially among bumiputeras. This shortage was identified through a manpower survey conducted by the government in 1965 collaboration with the United Nations.

ITM's rapid development during those years had come about with the expansion of its educational programmes, which were in line with the requirements of an increasingly demanding job market. Many courses were internationally affiliated and the institute offered advanced diploma courses, which were the equivalent to general degrees.

ITM's development is best seen from three phases that spanned a period of 32 years. The first phase (1967-1976) came with the declaration of the institute as an autonomous body with its own 300-acre campus in Shah Alam, and was placed under the Ministry of Rural Development.

The second phase (1976-1996) saw ITM rapidly harnessing its potential as an institution of higher learning. It led to the passing of the ITM Act of 1976 that placed the institute directly under the Ministry of Education.

The third phase (1996-1999) came about as a result of an amendment to the 1976 Act which put ITM on par with all the universities  in the country. For functional purposes, ITM was granted all the powers of a university. But its historical name was retained until August 26, 1999. The main areas of change are as follows:
  • The governing body of ITM, the Council, was converted into the Board of Directors with a larger private sector  representation than before;
  • The Board of Directors was given the power to enact on behalf of the Institute;
  • A Senate was created;
  • Many principal officers of ITM were re-designated. The Director was renamed Rector, the Head of Campus became the Provost, while Principal and Senior Lecturers were re-designated as Professors and Associate Professors, repectively;
  • Each School was redesignated as a Faculty;
  • ITM was given the power to confer degrees up to Ph.D' level;
  • ITM was given the unique power to establish courses and campuses abroad with permission from the Minister of Education;
  • The Institute was conferred additional powers to enable it to conduct business, invest in shares, set up companies and engage in commercial research;
  • Disciplinary powers over staff were transferred from the Minister to the Board of Directors;
  • To improve staff accountability, the Institute was bestowed the power to impose a surcharge; and
  • The procedural rights of students in disciplinary proceedings were strengthened.

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