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Understanding What Influences Students’ Cleanliness Awareness in Colleges

In today’s world, cleanliness is more than just a habit; it is a critical aspect of our health, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Good hygiene practices can significantly reduce the risk of infection. With this in mind, a study was conducted to investigate the cleanliness awareness of UiTM Kota Bharu students. This research aimed to uncover the factors that influence students’ cleanliness awareness, taking into account gender, academic achievement, peer influence and environmental factors. Specifically, it sought to determine whether gender and academic performance have a significant influence on cleanliness awareness and to identify the most important influencing factors in this regard. A cross-sectional correlational design was employed, involving 301 participants. Various statistical tests, including independent t-tests, one-way ANOVA and multiple linear regression, were used to examine these objectives. The results of the study showed that gender and academic achievement did not show any significant difference in students’ cleanliness awareness. However, it was found that peer and environmental influence is an important factor that actively promotes cleanliness awareness. Notably, environmental influence had a more substantial impact compared to peer influence.This research sheds light on students’ social behaviour towards cleanliness and offers valuable insights for both academia and public health. Understanding the factors that influence students’ cleanliness awareness can help educational institutions and policy makers develop more effective strategies to promote hygiene and well-being. In future studies, expanding the scope to include additional influential factors and increasing the sample size could further enhance our understanding of this critical aspect of student life

ArticleLink https://ir.uitm.edu.my/id/eprint/72442/

UiTM Melati’s Lake Troopers: Mission to Preserve Reservoir Lake

From the beginning of October 2022 to the end of 2022, the Melati College Student Representative Committee for the 2022/2023 session at UiTM Shah Alam successfully organised the Melati’s Lake Troopers Programme at their own Melati College reservoir lake known as Tasik Takungan in Section 7, Shah Alam, Selangor. This programme was run on a regular and long-term basis thanks to the efforts of Ms Hawa Nadia binti Wahab, the Special Duties and Volunteers Exco, and Mr Shahar bin Ismail, the Programme Director and Advisor of Melati’s Lake Troopers. The programme could not be carried out without the significant participation of Melati Troopers volunteers from Melati College who volunteered to clean the reservoir. A total of 30 volunteers from the Melati Troopers and 4 members of the Melati College Student Representative Committee cleaned the lake every month. The main objective of this programme was to protect water resources by cleaning the lake, thus meeting Sustainable Development Goal No.6, “Clean Water and Sanitation”. It also aimed to protect the environment by collecting and recycling the rubbish that had accumulated around the lake. This is in line with Sustainable Development Goal No.15, “Life on Land”, to protect wildlife habitats and maintain the sustainability of ecosystems from disturbance by a neglected environment. The Melati’s Lake Troopers Programme has had a positive impact and has been well received by participants and the public, with a marked improvement in the cleanliness of the lake environment. Therefore, programmes like this are essential to ensure that students learn the importance of protecting water resources at a young age, as water is one of the most important sources of life. It also helps to preserve and restore the environment and prevent the extinction of animal habitats and threats to ecosystems

ArticleLink https://www.uitm.edu.my/index.php/en/latest-news/

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