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“Unity In Bytes” Celebrates ASEAN Cultural Diversity on a Digital Platform

On June 18, 2022, the ASEAN Cultural Digital Ambassador Transformation programme 2022: Unity in Bytes was launched by YB Datuk Seri Dr Santhara Kumar, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, in Selangor, Malaysia. The event hosted 20 Cultural Digital Ambassadors (CDA) from various ASEAN countries. These ambassadors spent six days engaging in edu-cultural activities with local communities. The programme aims to make ASEAN youth and cultural practitioners more adaptable and technologically savvy, fostering creativity, diversity, and cultural appreciation. It also emphasises the importance of integrating technologies such as Big Data analytics, machine learning, and blockchain to improve employability. Additionally, the initiative promotes the sustainability agenda of the United Nations, focusing on several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially in sustainable cities and communities. The CDA delegations participated in a seminar and masterclass on regional cultural economies, exploring digital content development and its role in promoting socio-economic development in the region. The goal is to strengthen friendships through a digital approach while celebrating the cultural diversity of the ASEAN family.

UiTM’s FSPU Students Excelled in the 6th International Built Environment Undergraduate Research Competition

The UiTM undergraduate’s active participation at the 6th International Built Environment Undergraduate Research Competition (BEURC) in November 2021, themed around SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities, resulted in exceptional achievements for the Faculty of Architecture, Planning, and Surveying (FSPU). FSPU’s resounding success encompassed securing several prestigious awards, notably the BEURC Research Excellence Award,alongside three Outstanding Undergraduate Research awards, underscoring their dedication to advancing research and innovation in the Built Environment sector. These accomplishments signify FSPU’s pivotal role in promoting the principles of SDG 11 by consistently striving for excellence and making significant contributions to the field.


A Study on Fall Risk Awareness among Physiotherapy Students Helped Develop Sustainable Urban Communities

In alignment with Sustainable Development Goal 11 (SDG 11) - Sustainable Cities and Communities, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) is committed to advocating for and advancing the principles of urban sustainability. As part of this commitment, a study was conducted to assess the awareness and knowledge of risk factors associated with falls among physiotherapy students in Malaysia. The study involved 239 physiotherapy students from various institutions and revealed essential insights. While factors like balance and gait disorders were well-recognised by the majority of students, areas such as postural hypotension and the effects of multiple medications exhibited lower awareness levels. These findings underline the need for comprehensive education and training in the field of physiotherapy, ensuring that future professionals are well-equipped to address and mitigate the risk factors associated with falls among older adults. By enhancing students’ understanding of these factors, UiTM is actively contributing to SDG 11 by promoting safety, health, and inclusivity in urban environments. It is crucial for healthcare providers to possess the knowledge and skills necessary to create and maintain safer living spaces, ultimately fostering sustainable and resilient communities that prioritise the well-being of their ageing populations.


“Muzikas 2022”: A Creative Music Circus Performance by UiTM Music Business Students

As Malaysia approached the endemic phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Faculty of Music UiTM took up the challenge of creating something extraordinary despite pandemic restrictions over the past two years. In collaboration with Viva Vertical Circus Academy and with sponsorship from Respack Sdn. Bhd, an innovative concept emerged – a fusion of independent music and circus arts. This remarkable showcase, named Muzikas 2022, unfolded at Publika on July 8, 2022. In just 72 hours, 500 tickets, each featuring a limited edition Respack Mask with the UiTM logo, were snapped up on the Excitix ticketing platform. Dr Soo Wincci, Associate Professor of Music, opened the show with a breathtaking live performance combining her singing talents with a circus hoop act. Her act mesmerised the audience and set the stage for CK Wan, CEO of Respack Sdn. Bhd, to express his support for the arts and the younger generation’s future. The event showcased UiTM bands, alumni performers, and captivating aerial performances by Viva Vertical, creating a unique synergy of music and circus arts. The high point of the evening featured the renowned independent band Budak Nakal performing alongside Viva Vertical aerialists. This innovative event in Publika not only delighted the audience but also highlighted the resilience and creativity of UiTM’s Music Business students in organising a grand showcase during challenging times. By combining music and the arts, this initiative aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 11 (SDG 11) in promoting sustainable and inclusive cities and communities. It demonstrates how art and music can enhance urban life and contribute to the vibrancy and sustainability of cities and societies.


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