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MSN Set to Become UiTM’s Strategic Partner and Sponsor for Sports Social Enterprise Certification

A meeting took place on 14 July 2022 between the UiTM Vice-Chancellor, Professor Datuk Dr Hajah Roziah Mohd Janor, and the Director General of the National Sports Council (MSN), Dato’ Ahmad Shapawi Ismail in which an agreement was reached for MSN to become a strategic partner for UiTM and Oxentia Oxford University to implement a professional certification programme in sports social enterprise. MSN has agreed to sponsor 20 UiTM students for the programme in the UK, covering the attendance fee of £2400 per person. A Memorandum of understanding will be signed to define the collaboration in the aspects of branding, programme management, facilitator appointments, education opportunities for young athletes, access to sports facilities, and research in sports social enterprise. Managed and coordinated by the Faculty of Sports Science and Recreation, this strategic partnership aims to enhance the sports industry through higher education and foster a new generation of competitive sports managers, representing a step towards achieving the common GRU2025 goals through sports.

Support for UiTM Sea Games Athletes

17 UiTM athletes were selected to represent the country at the SEA Games in Hanoi, Vietnam to compete in various sports including Pétanque, Kayak, Chess, Sepak Takraw, Ten-pin Bowling, Archery, Football, and Shooting. The university showed its support by offering pocket money and additional incentives to the athletes if medals are won. This initiative is part of UiTM’s commitment to empowering Bumiputeras in the global sports arena.

Hybrid Clinical Pathological Conference Tackles Diabetes-Periodontal Disease Connection

On 21 September 2022, the Faculty of Dentistry represented by the Centre of Periodontology Studies, organised the Clinical Pathological Conference (CPC). The conference, held at the Hospital Al-Sultan Abdullah in Puncak Alam, Selangor, was conducted via hybrid mode and attended by nearly 120 participants made up of medical and dental professionals including medical and dental students, healthcare specialists, and other professionals. The discussion focused on “Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and its Relationship to Periodontal Disease” and aimed to raise awareness of their intertwined impact on global healthcare. Experts from the Centre for Periodontology Studies, among them Dr Mohd Faizal Hafez Hidayat, Dr Farha Ariffin, and Dr Muhammad Hilmi Zainal Ariffin explained the nuances of periodontology, stages of periodontal disease, and shared insights from clinical cases involving diabetes and periodontal disease.

The experts highlighted the significance of Malaysia’s Clinical Practice Guideline 2020 for diabetes management and emphasised the bidirectional relationship between oral health and diabetes. The session further stressed on the importance of medical referrals for diabetic patients and regular dental check-ups as a proactive approach to healthcare.

ArticleLink https://qs-gen.com/uitms-cpc-holds-talk-on-diabetes-and-periodontal-diseases/

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