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Most Malaysians know that there are countless stray cats living in terrible conditions and the numerous incidents of extreme cruelty being inflicted on them such as pouring boiling water and deliberately poisoning them.

In this pandemic situation, it doubles the problem as stray cats are not taken care well because people need to stay at home. 

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The number of people adopting pets or giving donations to animal shelters has come to a grinding halt since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was enforced. The numbers of people adopting stray animals dropped to zero as people do not want to go out risking their life to the pandemic. 

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The population of stray cats, especially in Malaysia, is rapidly increasing. This is due to several factors such as cats were thrown away by their owner and so on. To combat this problem, a lot of initiatives are made by NGO in Malaysia to ensure these stray animals, especially cats and dogs, can have a good life and to ensure cleanliness. 

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Sporotrichosis is caused by the dimorphic saprophytic fungus Sporothrix schenckii, which is not a unique species but a complex containing at least four species. 

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