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UiTMLaw Expert Joins ASEAN Project Studying Needs in Malaysia’s Consumer Redress System

Dr Ibtisam @ Ilyana Ilias, a specialist in consumer protection law from the Faculty of Law at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTMLaw), has been selected to contribute to the Consumer Protection in ASEAN (PROTECT) project by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ). Her involvement in the project, which commenced in July 2021 and concluded in September 2021, focused on conducting a comprehensive study of Malaysia’s consumer redress system. This study evaluated various alternative dispute resolution organisations and recommended measures to enhance their efficiency and consumer awareness, ultimately strengthening consumer protection in Malaysia. Dr Ibtisam @ Ilyana’s participation also provided valuable regional exposure and networking opportunities.

ArticleLink https://qs-gen.com/uitmlaw-expert-joins-asean-project-studying-needs-in-malaysias-consumer-redress-system/

Assessing Time Management’s Impact on Undergraduate Student-Athletes in UiTM Puncak Alam Academic Performance

The relationship between time management and academic performance is connected to the core principle of responsible consumption and production within SDG 12, as it addresses the efficient use of resources (time) and the reduction of waste (inefficient time management), ultimately promoting sustainable educational outcomes for student-athletes. The Faculty of Education at UiTM Puncak Alam spearheaded a comprehensive research to examine the intricate interplay between time management and academic performance within their undergraduate student-athlete community. With a focus on undergraduate student-athletes specialising in Physical and Health Education, this study employed a multifaceted approach to test this critical relationship. Conducting this research involved a cohort of 202 respondents, comprising 111 males and 91 females, representing students across semesters 1 to 8. The quantitative analysis employed in this study highlighted a significant relationship between time management and academic performance—a vital insight that underscores the importance of effective time management in academic success, in alignment with Sustainable Development Goal 12’s principles of responsible consumption and production. This study, led by UiTM’s Faculty of Education, not only enhances our understanding of student-athlete dynamics but also underscores the significance of responsible resource management for sustainable educational outcomes.

ArticleLink https://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/ijssr/article/view/20764

UiTM Negeri Sembilan Student Awareness of SDG Knowledge and Sustainability Behaviour

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are presently aiming to achieve a range of SDG goals by creating a sustainable environment in education. By ensuring that everyone in the system is concerned about and understands these goals, institutions can develop strategic plans to achieve this quality education agenda. This research aims to examine the relationship between SDG-related knowledge and sustainability behaviour among students in higher education. The sustainability consciousness questionnaire (SCQ) was utilised to assess knowledge related to the SDGs and sustainable development by incorporating the UNESCO framework and sustainability behaviour. The questionnaire was distributed randomly to students at the Negeri Sembilan branch of Universiti Teknologi MARA. Correlation analysis determines that SDG knowledge has positively and significantly converted actions into sustainable behaviour. The findings also reveal that students in higher education institutions had a low to moderate level of SDG-related knowledge. Thus, higher education institutions are deemed essential for promoting SDGs in encouraging and supporting students to participate in SDG-related activities, events, and collaborations.

ArticleLink https://jas.uitm.edu.my/images/2023_MAC/7.pdf

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