Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial
ecosystems, sustainably manage forest, combat desertification
and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

Exploring Agricultural Potentials at UiTM Segamat

On a visit to UiTM Johor Branch Segamat Campus by the Vice–Chancellor, Ustaz Amir Anuar Abd Aziz recited verses 11–12 of Surah Al-Mujadilah that emphasised the significance of knowledge. In these verses, Allah S.W.T. distinguishes between informed and ignorant people and that He elevates the rank of those with knowledge. The branch owns an 11-acre agriculture project that runs entirely by staff volunteers indirectly strives to restore and promote sustainable use of the ecosystem. The crops grown there include durian, banana, and tapioca. Additionally, the campus also owns a pineapple farm, Kelulut honey farm, and chilli fertigation site that are managed sustainably by the staff and students there to avoid land degradation. These initiatives will allow the exploration of agricultural potentials within the university’s facility and realising the goal for of SDG15 – life on land.

UiTM’s First International e-Conference on Green and Safe Cities

The International e-Conference on Green and Safe Cities (IeGRESAFE) was organised the UiTM Perak Branch Research Interest Group (Tier 5) together with the branch’s Green Campus Committee and the School of Architecture, University of Queensland. IeGRESAFE served as an international platform for researchers, academics, and industry experts to share and exchange ideas on over 21 topics which includes Climate and Context, Cultural Heritage, Green Material, Green Design, Education Research, Landscape, Garden and Biodiversity, Park and Open Space, Renewable Energy, Social Behaviour, Social Interaction, and Zero Waste Concept. A total of 59 papers submitted from Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia has been chosen and subjected to meticulous blinded peer-review by members of the scientific reviewers which will be useful and inspiring to help the nation take commendable steps to protect its biodiversity in the future.

Rakan Alam Sekitar (Friends of the Environment) UiTM Student Chapter

Rakan Alam Sekitar UiTM Student Chapter (RASUiTMSC) was launched on March 29, 2022, by the Minister of the Ministry of Environment and Water, Dato’ Sri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man. The objectives are to develop awareness and mobilising community members in environmental conservation and preservation activities by involving the community to be the “eyes and ears” and help the responsible government agencies to combat any activities that will damage and pollute the environment.

UiTM Students Fulfilling Environmental Responsibility

The Department of Environment (JAS), in collaboration with the JAS Sepang Branch, successfully conducted the Leisure Trash–Picking (KUDAH) programme along the Langat River in Dengkil in conjunction with the statelevel National Environmental Day (HASN) 2022. Aligning the effort with the theme of HASN2022 – “Environmental Responsibility for All”, the programme was participated by Rakan Alam Sekitar (Friends of the Environment) UiTM Student Chapter (RASUiTMSC) and various local agencies with an estimated 300 kilograms of solid waste were collected successfully along the riverbank. Active participation by RASUiTMSC were part of their dedication to SDG15 through contributions of environmental protection efforts while demonstrating a commitment to preserve terrestrial ecosystems and promoting responsible land use for better conservation and restoration of life on land.

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