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UiTM At The Forefront in Green Initiative

In 2022, at UiTM’s Tun Abdul Razak library and broadcasted on UiTM’s YouTube channel, two panelists discussed “Global Goals: UiTM at the Forefront in Green Initiative.” The first panelist highlighted the role of the Office of Infrastructure & Infostructure Development (PPII) in creating a sustainable, green campus ecosystem. PPII introduced six initiatives, such as Campus Visibility and Sustainability, to improve infrastructure, beautify the campus, and manage energy, water, and waste. Notably, UiTM saved 10% on electricity costs through initiatives like the UiTM Solar Farm Project and Renewable Energy Photovoltaic Project, reducing carbon emissions by 74,000 tonnes annually. However, achieving these goals depends on raising awareness and support across the UiTM community. The second panelist described their role in promoting sustainability at the university and global levels. UiTM’s initiatives resulted in high rankings in sustainability, such as 9th place in the UI Green Metric World University Rankings 2021 and multiple Diamond Awards in the Low Carbon City Challenge 2030 (LCC 2030 Challenge). To create a sustainable culture, it is essential to foster awareness and collaboration within the UiTM community, emphasizing the need for “net zero carbon emissions’’ and sustainability.

“Empowering Through Education: The UiTM Street Law Initiative in Malaysia”

This paper explores the creation of the UiTM Street Law project and the launch of the UiTM Street Law Portal in Malaysia, with a focus on educating the public about law and government through interactive teaching methods. Inspired by global Street Law movements, this initiative aims to address the gap in legal education within Malaysian law schools. Unlike community legal services in Malaysia, the UiTM Street Law project offers comprehensive online resources and pro-bono education, targeting marginalized groups. The portal provides access to fundamental law subjects, such as contract law and constitutional law, along with interactive features for communication and scheduling pro-bono legal teachings. Aligned with Sustainable Development Goals, the UiTM Street Law project aims to reduce inequality, promote peace, strengthen institutions, and empower marginalized communities for a more equitable society and an enhanced justice system.


Using Academic Pursuits to Promote Sustainability

Prof Dr Corina Joseph from Accounting Faculty has been deeply committed to sustainability since completing her PhD. Her doctoral research, titled ‘Sustainability Reporting on Malaysian Local Authority Websites,’ delved into the extent of sustainability information disclosure and the factors shaping such disclosures. The study approached this issue through the lens of institutional theory, particularly examining isomorphism.


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